Friday, March 13, 2015

Gender Matters: How Boys and Girls Learn Differently

What a perfect image for the winter we have had!  Now, finally, there have been a few good "melting" days to get rid of all this Spring (almost)!

We are a little late on our March blog post, but with all the snow days and vacation, it has been a little hectic just getting everything back on track!

This month we thought we would focus on gender differences with learning.  Research and studies have shown that there are significant differences in learning styles in regards to subject matter and overall processing of information between boys and girls.  Becoming more aware of these differences has helped to bring changes in teaching strategies and curriculum delivery to better serve all students equally.

Here are a couple articles we found addressing these challenges:

Calendar of Events:

Tuesday, March 31st - MCAS ELA Reasoning Session 1 (all grades)
Wednesday, April 1st - MCAS ELA Reasoning Session 2 (all grades)
Thursday, April 2nd - MCAS ELA Long Composition (7th grade only)

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