Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kids and Sexting

This month our blog is all about sexting.  We are living in a digital age now where kids (and adults) are attached to their devices - iPads, tablets, smart phones, etc.

We found a couple really interesting articles on this topic and have included them below for your information.

Have you had the sext talk with your kids?

Why kids sext  **Warning: this article is lengthy, but very good**

Calendar of Events:

February 5th: Donglu students arrive from China
February 6th: 7th/8th grade School Dance hosted by the Student Council; report cards distributed
February 16th: President's Day!
February 16th - 20th: Vacation
February 24th: 8th graders meet with high school counselors and Principal
February 26th: Aspen class registration opens up for 8th graders

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