Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Burnout

Holiday Burnout

With the holiday season approaching, we often find ourselves more scheduled than our usual busy lives.  Both parents and children have found this time to be fun and exciting as well as tiring and overwhelming.  Between holiday gatherings, family events, shopping, cooking, and decorating, we get wrapped up in the season and can neglect our own needs.  It is important to find time for self-care both for ourselves and for our children in order to recharge so we can truly enjoy this time of year.

For children, here are 3 suggestions on how to slow down while keeping in the holiday spirit:

1.  Enjoying a holiday movie together as a family or with friends
2.  Take part in family holiday traditions - with NO distractions - such as tree decorating, making latkes, and baking holiday cookies
3.  Attend community events associated with the holidays (Here is what is going on in your community!)

This article is a reminder for parents about the small things in daily life that they may do to keep from getting overly stressed, especially during the holiday season.

Calendar of Events:
December 6th: Hanukkah begins
December 14th: Hanukkah ends
December 23rd: Last day before Winter break
December 24th: Christmas Eve
December 25th: Christmas Day
December 31st: New Years Eve

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