Friday, May 1, 2015

The Mental Health of our Kids

As we talked about in last month's blog, Spring is often a time for awakening and refreshing. As a society, we think of spring cleaning and preparing for summer vacation and camp. For those struggling with depression, Spring can be the most difficult time of year. Sometimes the adolescents in our lives give us clues to their mental health, but we are not able to recognize what they might be telling us. The best way to understand them is to spend time with them; learn where their casual interests lie and what might be providing a negative influence. This article focuses on the signs our adolescents give us and how to re-focus our attention to their mental health needs. Click Here

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

  • May 2nd: DramaFest - 20 of our talented students will be performing an original play! GOOD LUCK!
  • May 7th: Olweus Class Meeting
  • May 12th: MCAS Math Session 1 (all grades)
  • May 13th: MCAS Math Session 2 (all grades)
  • May 15th: 6th and 7th grade school dance hosted by the Student Council
  • May 19th: MCAS Science and Technology Session 1 (8th grade only)
  • May 20th: MCAS Science and Technology Session 2 (8th grade only)
  • May 22nd: Memorial Day Assembly hosted by the Student Council
  • May 25th: Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
  • May 27th: 5th grade Move Up Day and 5th grade Family Orientation Night 

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